Why Smoothies?

Your Nutritional Secret Weapon: Smoothies. A quick, delicious, and easy-to-digest meal.

Want a delicious, completely balanced meal that’s easy to digest and can be made in just seconds? Enter your new secret weapon… the smoothie! All you need is a blender and you’ve got all the cooking utensils you need to make a nutritionally dense meal! The best part of smoothies is that the mechanical act of blending the food means it’s easier to digest. As we age, the concentration of hydrochloric acid (aka stomach acid) we have is less potent, making certain foods a little more challenging to digest. Making smoothies is a simple, natural solution to helping us digest foods more easily in a way that is completely customizable to any palate.

The most simple rule for a wonderful smoothie? Think “PFFG” or protein, fiber, fat, and greens. This is the best way to ensure your smoothie is well-rounded and keeps you feeling fuller longer.

An example of this might be a smoothie with vanilla protein powder (protein), fresh strawberries (fiber), nut butter (fat), and a small handful of spinach (greens).

Stay tuned for 3 Epic Smoothie Recipes coming in cold each Wednesday this month!