As we age, our needs increase but our ability to reliably care for ourselves may begin to diminish more and more over time. What may have previously been an easy task in the past now presents itself as a challenge and assistance may be required. Any difficulties which may present themselves must be taken care of and given the proper assistance, if necessary, by someone who understands an individual’s particular needs.

For some individuals, their families can provide this additional needed care, but others may not have that support available to them. When it comes to any of those people who need it, the in-home caregivers at Caring for Portland are here to provide affordable in-home care options to our clients in the place where they feel the safest – at home.

Caring for the Elderly

Throughout the years, old age homes have become a normal reaction to eldercare because in-home care has largely been expensive or difficult for the families of the individuals who need the assistance. However, these facilities can be detrimental to the mental and physical health of the residents in them, and many families end up regretting placing their loved ones in the homes.

At Caring for Portland, we are dedicated to bringing the same level of health care to the elderly that a facility can provide in the safety, security, and comfort of the individual’s own home. Preventing them from being forced to move out of their homes has benefits for the elderly that a facility simply cannot provide.

Benefits of In-Home Care

Caring for Portland offers a variety of in-home care services. These services ensure that you or your family member is comfortable and feels secure because they get the assistance they need in their own home. The eldercare services we offer include:

  • Companionship and Respite Care – Sometimes, care is simply a matter of being physically present for someone else who needs the companionship. When an elderly individual lives alone, having someone visit and enjoy the friendship which accompanies that visit may be invaluable to the mental and physical health of that person.
  • Meal Preparation – When it comes to meal shopping, planning, preparation, and accounting for nutrition and hydration, elderly individuals may not be able to handle all of it. With the elderly care services from the professionals at Caring for Portland, your elderly family member will no longer need to worry about how their meals will get made or where they will come from.

  • Medication Services – During the aging process, medical conditions present themselves and require medications to be taken at specific times each day. Elderly patients often forget to take their medications or are unable to take them, so there must be a service provider such as ours at Caring for Portland who is willing and able to administer the medications, provide assistance in getting the medicine, and setting up reminders to take them.

  • Personal Care Assistance – Often the day-to-day activities of regular life become difficult for the elderly. At Caring for Portland, we can provide personal care assistance services including bathing and showering, grooming, dressing, beauty, mobility, fitness and movement, toileting and elimination, and ambulation. We customize our personal care assistance services depending on your loved one’s needs and requirements.

  • Transportation – One of the most difficult aspects of getting older is driving and getting to the places that we most need to go throughout our day. Whether it is picking up take-out for the family or going to work, we must be able to use our vehicles to get around. The elderly often can no longer drive or have difficulties doing so, and Caring for Portland can take your elder family members for medical appointments, errands, escorting opportunities, social visits, dining, and community engagements.

  • Home Keeping – Everyone loves to have a clean home, but the elderly are often not able to complete these activities without assistance. At Caring for Portland, our in-home care professionals can take care of the following: sweeping, laundry, home safety, bed making, trash, washing dishes, floors, pet care, and surface cleaning.

  • Nursing Services – Assessment, monitoring, and a variety of other typical nursing care activities are well within the abilities of our in-home care professionals at Caring for Portland. You can rest assured that your loved ones will receive the medical assistance they need.

  • Family-like Experience – The next best thing to having family present in the home to give care and assistance is the professionals at Caring for Portland providing in-home care whenever your loved ones need it. We offer a family-like experience because we truly care about our patients and want them to have a happy and fulfilling life no matter their age.

There are many benefits to in-home care as opposed to assistance in an elder home, and Caring for Portland is happy to offer these services.

Contact Our Elderly Care Specialists

At Caring for Portland, we are a member of the Oregon Health Care Association, Oregon Palliative Care Association, the National Private Duty Home Care Association, and licensed as a Comprehensive In-Home Care Provider by the Oregon Health Authority. If you or a family member needs personalized, affordable, in-home care performed by professionals in the field, contact our elderly care specialists to learn more about all of the benefits we can offer. Call today at 503-836-3909 for more information about how we can bring you and your family peace of mind.