Seniors today prefer to stay in their own homes, where they are comfortable and where they know what to expect. In-home care for seniors is growing in popularity, and more people are considering this option rather than taking their loved ones to an assisted living facility.

In-home care services are a blessing to many family caregivers. However, while others may need these services, they worry about letting strangers into their homes.

How much do you know about in-home care services? You can easily believe myths shrouding in-home senior care services without all the facts.


Myth: It is expensive and not worth the cost.


Fact: Many people dismiss the idea of in-home care because they believe the services are costly. In-home care for seniors is more convenient and less expensive than options like nursing homes and assisted living facilities.


Facilities tend to charge more to cover expenses such as medical bills, transportation, food, and more. With home care, you get to save more. Most home care services are offered on an hourly basis. You can also get a customized care plan that is affordable to meet your specific needs.


Myth: I look after my parents. I Don’t Need In-Home Care Services


Fact: There is no doubt that a family member can take better personal care of the elderly. However, family caregivers also need a break. According to research, a caregiver, including a family member, should not offer full-time caregiving.


Being on-call for 24 hours a day can strain a person emotionally and physically, hindering them from providing good care. Professional care providers can help close the gaps left by burnout and restrictions. Hiring a professional caregiver does not mean family members stop caring for their loved ones. It merely provides them with a break.


Myth: It Is Only For Seniors Who Are Very Sick Or Frail.


Fact: Initially, in-home care was provided for people who were sick, injured, or in recovery. Seniors with sound health are independent and may not require as much supervision. Most of these seniors want to age in the comfort of their own homes. But this does not mean they have to be alone.


In-home care providers are trained to provide non-medical home care, including companion care, personal care services, and daily activities such as house chores and shopping. This way, your loved one can maintain his independence and quality of life in his own home.


Myth: Caregivers are Unskilled and Unqualified.


Fact: There are two types of professional caregivers: skilled and unskilled. Skilled caregivers provide health care and medical assistance with recovery, wound care, medication, and other medical needs.


On the other hand, untrained caregivers help with things like shopping, getting around town, light housekeeping, bathing, getting dressed, and making meals.

The difference between these two types of caregivers comes down to one factor: medical need. Furthermore, agencies that provide in-home care services are required to hire well-trained and qualified caregivers. Good agencies provide their employees with additional support, training, and continuing education. So, you can rest assured your loved one will be in safe and dependable hands. Depending on your needs, you can hire a caregiver to help with basic day-to-day tasks or to care for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia while you are away.


Myth: Senior Home Caregivers Cannot Be Trusted.


Fact: Naturally, everyone is wary of who they invite into their homes, especially if it is a stranger. You want to hire a caregiver you can trust. You will be happy to know that all agencies only hire caregivers after a rigorous screening. The only way to ensure you get a qualified and trustworthy caregiver is to hire one from a licensed agency.


This does not mean you cannot hire one independently. But, it is better to work with a licensed agency for a guarantee. Do not worry if a caregiver will be the right match for your loved one. The best agencies ensure they take time to match each client with the best caregiver. You are free to ask for a replacement if you feel the current caregiver is not the right match.


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