We seek to elevate the standard of care for our industry,
while empowering our surrounding community,
and giving generously where it matters most.

Community Impact

Caring for Portland founders and owners have purposed to create a family-focused, family-serving business model, aiming to be just like family in our client’s time of need.

We believe that family is the foundation of community, and aim to keep family first in every way possible. From adopting 7 children out of foster care to supporting and volunteering with organizations that help keep families together (World Vision, Gospel for Asia, Africa New Life, Covenant Kids Congo, Stand Up Girl, Saving Grace Maternity and Foster Home, Caring for Portland’s owners value the contribution of citizens young and old, and the gift of cross-generational mentoring and investment.

We also invest in and champion other local businesses, participating in the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary International, and the Oregon Health Care Association.


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