In-Home Care in

Hillsboro, OR

If you are a person interested in services related to personal care, companionship, or more comprehensive home care, you should contact Caring For Portland today.

We are an in-home care agency based in the Hillsboro, OR, area that will genuinely care for seniors and the disabled.

We provide personal care services, medical care, light housekeeping, and more caregiving services to ensure that you have the help you need.

If you have any questions or concerns about our senior care, how we work with family caregivers, wound care, grocery shopping services, meal preparation, or more, reach out to our team today. We are here to help you! Do not hesitate if at any time the need arises for assistance.

Providing Senior In-Home Care Services in Hillsboro, OR

If you are looking for assistance with home health care, you are in good hands with Caring For Portland. Here are the various services we offer those who need help in Hillsboro, OR.

Home Care Services

Working with our professionals is the best solution for seniors who need extra care. Seniors and others who need assistance will have the opportunity to get all the services they need without changing their living arrangements, thus helping them feel as comfortable as possible.
Seniors can stay in their own homes, and a care provider will take care of them and make sure they get everything they need while living in the comfort of their own homes. You don’t need to be away from your family, and you are always in good hands. A service provider will always be there for you and make sure you have all the help you need, whether basic support like getting dressed or fed or entertaining and having a good time with you.

Companion Care

For people who need basic task services and have difficulty performing them independently. Our team at Caring For Portland offers a wide range of services for people who do not have major health problems but still need help with their daily tasks regularly. These tasks may include preparing food for them and helping them with hobbies and activities. With this type of care, seniors will have the opportunity to continue to age in their own homes while having someone to help them.

Personal Care

In addition to providing all of the services included in companion care, personal care includes services provided to people with other non-medical conditions such as Parkinson’s disease or diabetes. They may be reminded to take their medications, constantly monitor their health, and ensure their dietary restrictions.
Some people feel comfortable receiving only companion care, but if a person needs more personal care, such as helping them go to the bathroom, personal care is the right choice. To begin receiving this type of care, you must contact Caring for Portland. Once you contact our team at Caring For Portland, you will get the plan and schedule to match your request and medical recommendations.

If you have questions about our nursing care or general living assistance services, reach out to our team at Caring For Portland today.

How Does In-Home Care Work?

When you contact Caring For Portland, we will first consult with you to establish a mutually desired plan and schedule. Then, we will make their first home visit and create a personalized care plan. After that, the process will be constantly monitored, and you will have very effective communication with the staff. Throughout the process, you will have the opportunity to assess your needs and decide how the cooperation is going.

What Can In-Home Care Do For You?

The in-home care offered by Caring For Portland will allow seniors to age in place and live the lifestyle they want without worrying about it. Some of the solutions this home care service include medication reminders and more basic needs, such as helping the person bathe or dress or prepare food.

Our team at Caring for Portland will help you at home in various aspects. Anyone can benefit from a daytime service that can last 1-2 hours or 24 hours a day, seven days a week, depending on your choice.

While some seniors choose to leave their homes and move to a nursing home, it is often a grueling experience, and many seek to stay within their respective residences. We understand this need and provide all the necessary home care services at an affordable cost.

Get In Touch With Us Today!

As soon as seniors find that they are having difficulty with certain tasks, the choice would be to contact this page and see how it can help them. This could result from illness, general fatigue, or age-related problems.

In an emergency, if an unexpected situation has arisen that puts your health at risk or requires you to seek these services, you can contact Caring For Portland, and we will respond quickly. Whether you’ve had an accident or your health has worsened to the point where you no longer feel like taking care of yourself, Caring For Portland is here for you.

If you are interested in personal care, companionship, or home care services, you should contact Caring for Portland at 503-836-3909.