In-Home Care in

Portland, OR

If your senior loved one needs personal care, companionship, or nursing services, Caring for Portland can help. Our agency has extensive experience providing help to those who need in-home care in Portland, OR.

We understand how important it is to assist people in their own homes. Many people find more comfort and joy as they reside in their homes and obtain the care they require.

Our team can help offer a wide range of personal care services and support family caregivers with tasks ranging from light housekeeping and other forms of individual case assistance.

We are confident that you’ll find what’s right for your needs with various services and options. Our in-home senior care service is designed to meet the specific preferences outlined by our clients so they can live their lives with ease!

In-Home Care Services for Seniors in Portland, OR

When caring for a senior loved one, you must choose the perfect combination of in-home care services to meet their individual needs. Here are the various in-home care services that you can expect:

Companionship and Respite Care

Aging is not easy; it often brings about difficult times such as loneliness or depression. Luckily, many services can help you through these trying moments with compassion in your home by providing companionship for physical needs like company and relieving mental stress.

Meal Preparation for Seniors

In-home care is often an excellent way for the elderly who needs assistance with daily tasks like cooking and grocery shopping. Homecare providers can come into your house, prepare meals, or give companionship throughout the day while at work!


The person’s health status under care is constantly monitored and assessed. Our in-home care providers are well equipped and have adequate knowledge of handling basic medical functions.

Medication Services for Seniors

In-home care can be a great way to provide medical services for seniors living in their own homes. This service offers medication administration, assistance with daily tasks, and reminders about doctor’s appointments or other important events that might happen during the week.

Personal Assistance for Seniors

Personal care assistance is a great way to live independently in your own home. Bathing and showering can be difficult for seniors as they age, but with the right help, it becomes easier than ever before.


In-home care providers are responsible for many tasks that keep our senior citizens clean, safe, and comfortable. They assist with personal care such as dressing or bathing, helping them get around the home safely on foot, doing laundry, and more.

Transportation Services

For seniors who cannot drive or live independently, in-home care provides transportation and assistance with daily tasks, including doctor’s appointments, community engagement, errands, and more.

How Does In-Home Care Work?

We want to ensure that we provide the right caregiving services so we will get to know our patients.

The first step is developing the client’s profile, which will be achieved by asking questions, thus developing the client’s profile.

The second step consists of Caring for Portland staff creating a person-centered plan individualized to each person’s specific needs. Supportive activities are also provided, and the plan is explained to you in detail.

The third step is that we ensure to choose those who will be your caregivers, that we will choose from a variety of qualified people based on the key characteristics needed.

With our caring staff, structured matching process, and quality services you can rest assured that your loved one will be well taken care of. We are proud members of the Oregon Health Care Association as well as many other organizations which make us committed to meeting all needs from medication assistance through home health care or personal support services including companionship and respite care.

Contact Our Team Today!

With a team of compassionate caregivers, Caring For Portland makes sure to provide peace of mind and affordability to our clients. We do this by ensuring they’re getting top-notch service that will surpass expectations while also being dependable throughout all seasons in life–especially during those moments when you need companion care.

We offer a personalized plan for each person interested in taking advantage of our services.

The staff is very diverse in experience, knowledge, and level of care. Our team will be able to perform a variety of services for seniors or people who find them necessary. Our services range from home health, dressing, and hygiene to educational reminders or assistance in moving the person from one place to another. These tasks and more are performed by trained staff who will certainly take great care of the patient.

Caring For Portland can provide services in various ways, and we are here for you with helpful resources and services. If you need help from professional caregivers, contact Caring for Portland at 503-836-3909 today.