At least half of the senior citizens in the United States need help with their daily routine, and Portland is not an exception.

It is common knowledge that the older people get, the more support they need. By the time they’re 65 and above, most seniors require around 200 hours of care every month.

In addition, a respectable number of senior citizens still find it difficult to complain when they don’t get the required care.

Therefore, to avoid your elderly persons feeling neglected, it is crucial to understand their special needs in their retirement age. In this simple guide, we’ll look at the essential needs of many seniors beyond retirement in Portland.

What Are The Needs of Seniors in Portland?

A 2007 study in the US shows that around 26% of seniors said their top fear was the loss of independence. At the same time, 13% identified moving out of the home into nursing homes as their top fear.

The same survey showed that 89% of seniors believed it was important to continue living at home to enhance their retirement savings and financial security.

So, before you create special care for your seniors, get to know what they prefer.

Do they have health problems that will require more intense care? Are they interested in staying with you? Would they be fine with moving to a nursing home? When considering this age group, remember that well-being in retirement will be critical. As you look at their preferences as they grow older and approach retirement, you can make the right changes and take the right actions. Doing this will help you understand what will work for your elderly persons and provide them with a better form of retirement.

The Most Important Thing to Seniors Are Their Health

Most senior citizens battle with several conditions; it is a thing that comes with old age. Here are some of the conditions/illnesses your elderly person might suffer from as they get older

  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthritis
  • Hearing impairment
  • Incontinence


Get to know these conditions and how to provide adequate health care for them. It is better to obtain enough information and be able to handle their health early enough.  It is best to optimize well-being through physical activity and better diet regimens as they age and reach retirement.

Don’t wait until they are very sick before you treat them as urgent. It is always better to be proactive regarding health concerns with more seniors as long-term diseases become more prevalent among older Americans.

Seniors Need Companionship

Humans are social beings, and senior citizens are no exception. In fact, the older people get, the more likely they would want meaningful relationships. Therefore, relationships are crucial to most seniors’ mental health.

So, get them companions who can spend time with them and get to know them and the. Their companions may also assist with daily tasks as feeding, running errands, and other hygienic care.

Furthermore, ensure your seniors continue to maintain good relationships with family and friends. The value of quality relationships can’t be overemphasized. It will lift their spirits regularly and help overcome loneliness.

Seniors Need to be Able to Spend Time with Their Family Members

Ensure your elderly person can spend quality time with you and the rest of your family. Family, they say, is everything. This becomes even more crucial as they stop working and enter into retirement. As they leave their employers and minimize the need to interact with others, they will need others to step in and fill that role.

Visit your elderly individuals regularly if they’re in a nursing home or at home with their care. And if they stay with you, create time, and make small talk with them as often as possible.

Have fun and share moments with them. Not only will that strengthen your bond, but it’ll also give them the chance to express themselves. Remember that having the right level of care through the right programs can certainly improve their lives.

Seniors want to Maintain Their Independence and Dignity

Living as a senior citizen can be challenging. Sometimes, they feel useless and turn to denial about their wellness and capabilities. Loneliness may further worsen these negative feelings.

Although they sometimes struggle to take care of themselves, this doesn’t mean you should do everything for them. They need to have a sense of independence. So, help them create one with the right program and research.

Give them a choice to make decisions for themselves. Sometimes let them choose how they wish to spend their day or what they wish to do. This will help them to maintain/cultivate higher self-esteem.

Seniors Want Someone Who will Listen When They are Lonely

Listen to them when they want to talk! Older adults usually like to feel listened to; it makes them feel important and valuable. Therefore, you want to listen to them when they want to talk. And not just listening but listening actively.

Nod your head and make sounds that indicate that you’re following their conversations. Sometimes add some comments. They want to know that you are intentional about them, and you are not just listening out of pity.

Friendly conversations with them will go a long way in helping them express their minds. They may have thoughts about aging, life, or money; you will want to make sure to listen to them and be there for them.

Why is In-Home Care the Best Option for Senior Loved Ones?

Although nursing homes are designed specially to take care of older adults, they might not be the best thing for your elderly person.  It turns out that these facilities may be insufficient for seniors who would like to stay with their families. Compared to in-home care, you get the comfort and safety of your seniors. Furthermore, your elderly also get a sense of security and peace because of the familiar environment.

Other benefits of in-home care for your seniors are:

  • It helps retain their self-respect.
  • It improves their physical activity and mental health.
  • It helps preserve social relationships within their homes.
  • It reduces the feeling of isolation.
  • It prevents falls and common injuries related to older adults.


Your older loved ones deserve all the love and care they can get. And while a nursing home can help with the care part, most nursing homes in Portland may not give the required love to retirees. As more Americans step into the latter part of their lives, it is necessary to think about the program they would need in this stage.


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