When you are living with your elderly parents, you might not quickly notice the indicators that they need home care services. In-home personal care is supportive care provided by a professional caregiver for someone with special needs (an aging person) at home. This blog will discuss warning signs to look for when older adults get to the point that they need help with personal care.

What are the Personal Needs of the Elderly in Their Daily Living?


Some of the needs of our older family members include:

Personal care and grooming

Healthcare needs

Ease of mobility

Regular meals

Proper nutrition

Social interactions and quality relationships


Signs that it’s time for Senior In-Home Personal Care


As hard as it is, it’s crucial to have a difficult conversation about the condition of your senior family members to ensure they get the care and support they need as they age. So, what are the tell-tale signs that it’s time for that extra assistance?


  1. Health Issues


You might have noticed that your elderly loved one is constantly getting ill. They might be unstable and unable to move around on their own, tripping and falling often or holding on to things as they walk.

You might also have realized their mental health is deteriorating. Some may have trouble sleeping, while others begin to forget things. They might also start avoiding interactions and stop participating in daily activities they once loved, such as grocery shopping. All these are big signs that your family member needs daily care.


  1. Poor Personal Hygiene


Have you noticed that your loved one is having trouble taking care of themselves lately? They have trouble showering and dressing. They might have started to look disheveled and sometimes wear dirty clothes that give them an odor. Your senior family member’s home and personal space might be a mess, which is a sign that it’s time to look into senior living options so that they can get daily help.


  1. An increase in accidents


Has your family member fallen a good number of times? Are they accidentally breaking things in the house or getting many traffic tickets? Data shows that seniors over 70 years old are the most vulnerable to accident injuries, with 540 fatal injury cases every day and 20 deaths. Mostly, this is due to poor eyesight, memory issues, and chronic health conditions. If your senior family member is clocking 70, they must be accompanied by another family member while driving to ensure they are safe. If their risk of causing accidents on the road increases, get them reliable transportation services from a reputable senior home care provider.


How Does In-Home Care Meet the Needs of the Elderly?


Sometimes family caregivers might be unable to give the senior care needed to keep their loved ones healthy and happy. That is where in-home care services come into place.


In-home care helps seniors enjoy independent living.


First of all, professional caregiver services include home health aide care, companion care, meal preparation, daily help, and medication services, all of which help seniors stay in their own homes as they age and keep their independence.

In-home care is also tailored to each person’s needs, taking into account their physical, nutritional, medical, emotional, and transportation needs.

Physical needs may include transportation services, personal grooming and self-care, medication reminders, medication administration, and nutritional needs like ensuring your loved one eats balanced meals on time. They might also accompany your loved ones when doing daily tasks to ensure their safety and comfort.

It prevents isolation from family members.


With in-home care, seniors do not need to leave their homes. Whether living with family or independently, they do not bother anyone with excessive care needs and can continue enjoying the warmth that family brings.

Further, in-home care promotes mental health needs by allowing the elderly to participate in family and social activities they love. Professional companion care services also provide love, friendship, and the care they could enjoy from a close family member for healthy aging. It could be the best decision you will ever make for your senior loved ones.


Looking for Caregiving Services in Portland, OR?


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