It is only natural to want to continue living at home as you age. The familiarity of the home offers comfort to any person facing the inevitable losses that come with aging; homes are filled with familiar people from the neighborhood and a host of fond memories. Home care enables peaceful aging for many seniors in Portland. Instead of moving out to join a nursing home, seniors get to continue living where they are most comfortable and feel happiest, which is their home. Below is a breakdown of what home care is, the respective services, how they work, and where you can get the best home health care in Portland.

What is the meaning of home care?

Home care is a type of service where a medical professional or personal caregiver goes directly to their patients or care recipient’s home to provide the service. Home care can range from generalized care such as housekeeping or companionship to high specialized home health care like an orthopedic visit.

What are the different types of home health care services for seniors?

Every senior will have their own specific needs; therefore, it’s essential to choose the perfect combination of home care services to meet a loved one’s comfort while also improving their quality of life. The following are the different types of health care services available in Portland:

  •   Companion Care: Companion care provides seniors with the support they need to conduct a wide range of basic caregiving tasks such as meal preparation and help with errands. Social isolation can dramatically increase a senior’s risk of health complications and mortality. Companion caregivers grant isolated seniors regular company and social interaction to end their cycle of isolation.
  •   Personal Care: Personal care is a wonderful choice for seniors that have advanced care needs. Personal care would include the basic caregiving duties in companion care and additional assistance on some daily tasks such as dressing, grooming, mobility, bathing, toileting, and elimination. Personal caregivers can also provide individuals with chronic conditions with essential personalized care.
  •   Respite care: Respite care is a great option for primary caregivers who Medicare a disabled or elderly family member. Respite care allows the family caregiver an opportunity to attend to urgent obligations, spend more time with family and pursue any other activity. But most importantly, it reduces the risk of caregiver burnout by allowing them some time they can devote to their self-care, knowing their loved one is in good hands.
  •   Nursing and specialized medical health services: Some seniors have specific healthcare needs and conditions that could require special needs. Nursing care provides assessment, monitoring amongst other common tasks provided by a skilled nurse. Your loved one may also require Medicare services such as administration, set-up assistance, and reminders. Such specialized care can be combined with other home care services for a senior.
  •   Housekeeping: Housekeeping care services offer assistance with laundry, dusting, bed making, home safety, trash, pet care, and surface cleaning, among many more housekeeping duties. This kind of care is extremely helpful to any senior with an injury or illness.
  •   Transportation. Transportation is a key issue for older adults, from having difficulty driving to the inability to drive at night. Senior care transportation includes being driven to medical appointments at the hospital, social visits, community engagements, escort, and any errand they may need to make.
  •   Meal Preparation: Diet and a healthy nutritional meal are essential to graceful aging. Meal preparation is a home health service that involves shopping for the foodstuff and groceries, planning the meals with the seniors, then preparing and serving them. The caregivers also ensure that the loved one has met their hydration requirements.
  •   Healthcare: There are certain health care and Medicare services provided to seniors at the comfort of their homes by skilled professionals such as social workers, occupational therapists, or home health nurses. You can also arrange for the doctor serving the elderly for an illness to provide in-person home service for the patient instead of having them go to the hospital. Health services are broad and could range from injury treatment through skilled nursing to monthly to doctor appointments or weekly therapy sessions from certified physiotherapists.

How does home care work?

In a nutshell, Portland home care involves bringing in a caregiver to ensure that a senior’s life is as easy as possible. They offer support and private assistance in medication, running errands, and offer platonic companionship.

The first step in-home care is identifying that home health care is needed. Next is to review the areas where the help is needed by discussing with a loved one what tasks feel overwhelming along with any appropriate Medicare for injury or illnesses. After this, search for home care providers in Portland and call them to explain your needs. Usually, the caregivers’ facility schedules an in-person appointment during the call. During the private appointment, they create the care package with the care recipient and their family. The care plan is a living document that can be altered as time and any other aspect of the recipient changes, for example, how many hours they need the care.

The final stage is the issuance of a caregiver. Families are free to interview the caregiver together with their loved ones and establish if they are confident in their abilities to take care of their loved ones. If the recipient is a patient, they will inform their new caregiver of any medication, dietary needs, and doctor appointments. In terms of payment, it’s rare for insurance packages to include home health care, but you can always check with your specific insurance to confirm. If the insurance package does not cover, you will be required to make an out-of-pocket payment.

 The idea may seem overwhelming, but as soon as families consider the benefits of quality home health care services, they understand the importance of having a private caregiver attending to loved ones at all times.

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